Using Our Santa Footprint Stencil For This Christmas

Using Our Santa Footprint Stencil | Make Santa Footprints For Christmas

Each and every Christmas families have trouble with exactly what to purchase their children for Christmas. The team at MadeAt94 have designed a beautiful Santa footprint stencil so your children can get excited about the upcoming presents they will be getting. It might be an issue to locate or even often, pay for the ‘perfect’ present. But when Santa’s footprints have been walking to the Christmas tree any gift is a great gift!

I understand we are now just a month away from Christmas, but we still haven’t decided what we’re getting yet. (Thank God for MadeAt94 right?). Have you thought about using Santa’s footprint walking to the Christmas tree? We have prepared a quick video to show you how to use our stencil:

What you are going to need:

  • Stencil – From us, and very cost effective
  • Some glitter
  • Bedtime / Talcum powder
  1. Position the stencil where you want it. We are gonna do it on the floor but you can do it coming out of the doorway into the living room, from the chimney to the Christmas tree or any other ideas you may think of.
  2. Sprinkle the Bedtime / Talcum powder over the top of the stencil, a light dusting will do.
  3. The footprint is coming alive! It’s going to look like snow!
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of glitter on your hand, and then over the stencil.
  5. Use two hands, and lift the stencil upwards gently.
  6. Tidy it up a little bit, around the edges of the new white glittery footprint.
  7. Look how it glistens!
  8. Put the excess bedtime / talcum powder, and glitter into a bowel.
  9. Then flip it over onto the other side.
  10. Put the footprint slightly in front of the already done footprint, and then repeat the process.

santa footprint stencil

The attractiveness of the Santa footprint stencil is the fact that it is possible to let your children know that Santa’s been this year. Christmas may get costly, but with sparkly white footprints from the North Pole, your children will get to experience the magic that makes Christmas so special. If you would like to know more about our Santa footprint stencil click here.

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